Redefining the Venture Capital Model for AI/ML Technology

Omega Venture Partners is Redefining the Venture Capital Model for AI/ML Technology

Omega Venture Partners, the first U.S. investment firm focused primarily on promising early-growth stage artificial intelligence and machine learning technology companies, has quickly established itself as a premier venture capital firm.


Omega Venture Partners’ founder Gaurav Tewari has leveraged his experience to create a unique, next-generation venture capital firm that is making waves in the industry. Earlier this year, the firm announced 135% growth across its portfolio companies despite the pandemic. Omega’s success even in adverse market conditions–made possible by key advantages including a strong ecosystem of market movers and influencers in addition to the expertise of its team–speaks to its differentiated capabilities and unique investment model.

Omega’s founder and managing partner, Gaurav Tewari, has been a key catalyst in architecting this notable departure from venture capital tradition. In his prior professional experience, Tewari gained insight into technological innovations while developing leading-edge products for Microsoft and IBM.

Tewari is also an accomplished investor with a successful track record at well-known institutional venture capital firms. Over the years, he has led dozens of investments in innovative software and internet companies, many of which have had successful IPO and M&A outcomes. In addition to Highland Capital, where he was principal, Tewari held leadership positions at Citigroup Ventures and SAP Ventures, where he managed large portfolios and investment groups across Fortune 500 organizations.

Tewari has long seen the potential for AI and machine learning to improve the global economy. As early as 2004, Tewari and other reputable data scientists were issued a patent for natural language understanding technologies that leverage machine learning to power personalized content discovery.

More recently, Tewari recognized the inflection point of artificial intelligence and machine learning as a substantial opportunity. Noticing the lack of venture capital firms focusing on AI/ML companies in the early growth stage, Tewari recruited colleagues and fellow MIT artificial intelligence experts Thomas Malone and Sam Madden to found Omega Venture Partners.

Tewari’s unparalleled insight into the promise of AI as a new computing paradigm has directly informed Omega’s investment strategy and portfolio.

“Omega was created because there is an unambiguous need in the market for a focused platform attuned to the needs of the next generation of category-defining businesses,” said Tewari.

“We are capitalizing on the next major technological evolution, one where every company will need to become an AI company. By focusing on companies that have the potential to solve real market problems today, we generate real results for our investors and remain in sync with the needs of the companies we invest in. And we are much more than a source of capital for our portfolio companies—we bring the experience, alignment, expertise, and connections to be strategic, active partners in their growth.”

Omega has already invested in breakout companies such as ZenBusinessDataRobotOtter AIFeedzai, and Verbit. Each of Omega’s portfolio companies has attracted co-investments or follow-on investments from some of the most prestigious and long-standing traditional investment firms in industry.

“We are at a crossroads. Companies that successfully leverage AI to bring breakthrough solutions to market can create unprecedented value for their employees, shareholders, and communities,” said Tewari.

“Omega seeks to partner with the most compelling private companies and possesses differentiated, compelling capabilities to help these innovators gain the network, funding, and expertise necessary to achieve their potential.”


About Omega Venture Partners

Omega Venture Partners is a premier technology investment firm headquartered in Silicon Valley. Omega invests in rapidly growing software businesses that leverage artificial intelligence (AI), machine learning (ML), data, and automation to deliver transformative solutions. The firm employs a thematic investment strategy to identify large market opportunities and invest in the next generation of category-defining companies. Visit:



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