The New Era of Intelligent Software

Transforming the Enterprise


We Accelerate the Growth of Transformational Companies

Omega Venture Partners is a premier technology investment firm headquartered in Silicon Valley. We invest in rapidly growing software businesses that leverage AI, ML, Data, and Automation to deliver transformative solutions.

Our thematic investment strategy identifies the next generation of market leaders by focusing on businesses with exceptional products and services, delivering unparalleled value and delight to customers. With our seasoned leadership team of industry experts and investment veterans, and our extensive Fortune 500 relationships, we provide exceptional counsel and unique resources to build enduring businesses.

Early Growth

Focusing on fast-growing, early-growth stage companies that have demonstrated traction and product-market fit

Thematic Focus

Investing in startups that are built on data and powered by AI to solve high-value business problems

Network Effect

Enabling access to a robust, proprietary network of Fortune 500 executives, operating leaders, and strategic partners

Active Partnership

Working alongside executive teams to optimize product roadmaps, business models, company building, and go-to-market


Omega Advantage


Omega invests in growing companies at the convergence of powerful megatrends across Data, Automation, and Artificial Intelligence. Our keen understanding of customer pain points, market dynamics, and go-to-market vectors makes us the best partner and enabler. 

Additionally, our focused enterprise relationships enable us to maintain a constant connection with senior executives, decision makers, and technology experts across industry, and to leverage those insights for the benefit of our portfolio companies.


We’re experienced investors, operators, and subject matter experts who understand what it takes to successfully develop innovative and disruptive companies.

With over 25 years of experience investing in winning companies, we know what world-class looks like.


At Omega, we champion curiosity, optimism, integrity, and disciplined conviction.

We  strive to be the best while maintaining an atmosphere of excellence, fairness, integrity, and collegiality. Our core values, along with our intensity and drive, contribute to our ability to achieve superior results.