Omega Venture Partners’ Exclusive Strategic Partner Network

Omega Venture Partners’ Exclusive Strategic Partner Network Generates Unparalleled Advantages

Innovative and proprietary network of Enterprise partners elevates Omega Venture Partners’ competitive edge across the Venture Capital market and drives robust value creation for Omega’s portfolio companies

PALO ALTO, Calif., May 17, 2022 –Leading venture capital investment firm, Omega Venture Partners, today announced its Strategic Partner Network TM. This enterprise network of hand-picked Fortune 500 executives, decision makers, and industry experts is built upon a robust foundation of trust and cooperation with Omega.

Omega’s unique, deep-seated relationships enable the firm to systematically benefit from reliable market feedback and actionable insights from a curated, elite set of accomplished executives.  Moreover, Omega’s portfolio companies benefit tremendously from access to prospective lighthouse customers, partners, and distribution channels.

Collectively, Omega’s Strategic Partner Network helps reduce financing risk and drives better outcomes.  Omega believes that no other venture capital firm has implemented such an effective, focused coalition of enterprise practitioners to harness systemic advantages to a comparable degree.

Omega’s recent investment in Replicant Solutions, Inc  illustrates the virtuous cycles created by the firm’s innovative organization.

“Omega Venture Partners exemplifies the essence of what it means to be a value-added, strategic investor. We have been greatly impressed by Gaurav Tewari and the Omega team’s ability to gain access to key decision makers at prospective clients.”  said Gadi Shamia, CEO and Co-founder of Replicant Solutions, Inc. “We are thrilled to welcome Omega as an investor and partner whose expertise and network will ensure we continue innovating in our mission to be the leader in Contact Center Automation.”

The constitution of this network is the most recent example of how Omega Venture Partners continues to innovate and redefine the venture capital model.  Omega is recognized as the first institutional venture capital firm to target investments in early-growth stage Artificial Intelligence (AI) and machine learning companies. With prior experience leading two of the most prominent Fortune 500 innovation and investment franchises at Citigroup and SAP, Omega’s team is versed in the art and science of catalyzing portfolio value in collaboration with larger enterprises.

“In executing our strategy and growing our firm, we are privileged to have a distinctive community of enterprise partners around the table with us,” said Gaurav Tewari, Managing Partner of Omega Venture Partners. Leading private companies seek out Omega as a differentiated, high-value investor. We are more than a top-tier venture capital firm; we bring the market expertise, alignment, access, and commercial expansion opportunities to be strategic, active partners in the growth of the companies that we invest in.”

The organizations and executives in Omega’s Strategic Partner Network have forged a durable and time-tested collaboration model with the firm. Besides financial returns, these partners derive distinguished value from Omega’s frontline immersion into disruptive companies and trends across the Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning, and Intelligent Software sectors.


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