What Companies will Benefit Most from AI?

At Omega Venture Partners, we believe that artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning (ML) will become more and more fundamental in our economy, our society, and our lives. These revolutionary technologies will continue to alter the way individuals live and the way businesses operate. Wondering what companies will benefit most from AI? Let’s find out.

What companies will benefit the most from AI (artificial intelligence)?

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In order to understand which businesses leverage AI the most, it might help to look at who is leading in AI technology. Among the top AI companies that are public are household names like Amazon and Google, whose access to remarkable amounts of data have allowed them to create some of the most advanced AI algorithms in the world. So, these are often two ai stocks people feel comfortable investing in.


However, many are also wondering if these two are really the best choice; what are the best AI stocks to invest in… and what is the best AI stock right now? Unfortunately, we can’t pinpoint one distinct stock to sink your life savings into and get rich quick. Another common question: what is the best AI ETF to buy?


Instead of pointing our readers in one direction or another with flashy claims like “best AI stocks 2021” or “best AI stocks 2022” or “AI stocks under 5,” we believe it would be more helpful to share with you what we look for when we invest. That way, you can follow our investment philosophy rather than blindly investing in one company.


Omega’s Opinion on Artificial Intelligence Stocks


If you’ve come to this post hoping to find a list of artificial intelligence stocks under 1, artificial intelligence stocks under 10, artificial intelligence stocks under 20, or even artificial intelligence stocks under 100, you won’t find that here. We don’t have a list of artificial intelligence stock picks for you because the market is constantly changing, and new companies are breaking down barriers every day. However, here are some key elements to look for when investing.


  1. Application to a Sizeable Market

Before you invest in a company, you need to ensure that it’s product actually applies to a relatively large market. If not every person or every business could use it, you want to check that whoever the company targets is actually a large group of people or corporations. A larger market = more potential clients.

  1. Relevant Product or Service

A lot of AI companies, due to the nature of the technology, tend to produce incredibly niche technological solutions that don’t have a lot of use cases. Essentially, a lot of programs, while they may seem interesting, aren’t actually widely applicable or useful, and therefore wouldn’t be a wise investment.


  1. Well-balanced Team Members

What is the number one artificial intelligence stock? There may not be a concrete answer, but you can be sure that all the top competitors have diverse and balanced leadership. The people in charge of the product are often just as important as the product itself. When you invest in a company, you invest in its team. So, make sure that the leadership of the business you support has a strong strategy and aligns with your core values.


Although we can’t answer which company is leading in artificial intelligence, we hope the three pieces of advice provided above will help guide you in your investment decisions. When looking to discover what are some good artificial intelligence stocks, ask yourself about the company’s team, product, and addressable market. They’re three major indicators of success!


Omega’s Smart Investment Examples


The advice above should help you if you’re beginning your AI investment career, but what exactly does a company that meets all those standards look like? Let’s dive into some of the companies Omega has invested in because we believe in their team, market approach, and product.



We saw how this company used a combination of data engineering, machine learning, and decision intelligence to provide a unique and secure platform. Its solutions apply to countless industries and we believe DataRobot stands out from its competitors.



Verbit is the leader of AI-based transcription. Their technology has nearly endless use cases and is trusted by companies all over the world. We identified them as an industry trend-setter with an incredibly qualified team capable of making intelligent and informed decisions.



This company provides a next-generation suite of tools to help people create businesses. The mission of ZenBusiness is to allow anyone to create the next successful enterprise from anywhere. Potential clients include legitimately anyone, and their products are cutting-edge which is exactly what we look for.


We hope this provided a bit more context into what kinds of companies benefit from AI, and which leverage this technology to its fullest potential.