From AI to IA: Why The AI Revolution Is All About Augmentation

From AI to IA: AI and Intelligent Augmentation

From AI to IA: far from eliminating the human element of work, AI and ML are empowering ordinary workers to achieve superhuman accomplishments. This Forbes article, authored by Omega Venture Partners, explores ways in which several major industries are turning AI (artificial intelligence) into IA (intelligent augmentation) to augment their businesses like never before. We look at specific use cases across Financial Services, Insurance, Healthcare, Commerce, and the Future of Work.

People who are skeptical of artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning (ML) often harbor fears of robots stealing jobs and human workers being replaced by automatons. But the reality is that AI is increasingly being applied across sectors not to replace our jobs but to enhance them. AI and ML applications are augmenting every facet of how we do business, giving knowledge workers superpowers to be more productive, capable and effective than ever before.

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